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Rotator4you is here to help you.

Q: Why is? What are you doing?

A: We send traffic to your URL.
If you order a rotator slot your URL will be advertised on many PTC, PTR, PTwhatever sites, Traffic Exchanges (manual TEs only, no autosurf) and in addition you get traffic from sources like emailads, bannerads, rotators, coop campaigns and many many more.
If you order a banner position your banner will be displayed on our Main site and on our Rotator site.
Please note that we do not provide statistics for banner views (it's just to much), but however, please just check the numbers on our main page and you can imagine that we really provide a lot of views.
We buy big packages from our traffic sources and therefore we can offer you the cheapest price possible.
Please also consider that it is much better to get traffic from a lot of different sites than getting a lot of traffic just from one site.

Q: How long does it take until my ad starts?

A: All orders are approved manually. Orders are processed in a matter of minutes or up to 8 hours from ordering. (We also need to sleep)
Please also refer to our our TERMS & PRIVACY POLICY
Make sure your URL for rotator slots can be loaded in an iframe. You can check it here
For banner slots no iframe-check is needed.

Q: Do you provide any traffic statistics?

A: Yes, on the main page. Once your ad is active you can move your mouse over your slot and a statistics button will appear.
The statistics URL looks like Just replace YOURAD-ID with your order id.

You still have questions or need help? Then contact us:

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